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Magnetic Chuck

Application of different magnets in magnetic chuck

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NdFeb magnetic chuck has a strong attraction on the job when direct contact with the workpiece.

Characteristics of pot magnet

1.Small size and powerful function;

2.The strong magnetic force is only concentrated on one side, and the other three sides have almost no magnetism, so the magnet is not easy to break;

3.The magnetic force is five times than that of the same volume magnet;

4.Pot magnetic can be freely adsorbed or easily removes from the hardware;

5.Permanent NdFeb magnet has a long service life.


Mainly used for doors and windows, door cabinets, door bolts, false top clips, signs, banners, torque limit seals, fixtures, lamp holders, market and exhibition display, industrial fixtures and so on.

Pot Magnets:

The adsorption force of pot magnet is vertical force, horizontal vertical force will be much smaller.

The adsorption capacity of the pot magnet is related to the roughness of the adsorption surface.

According to customer’s demand, we can produce various types of pot magnets with adsorption force, different magnetic materials and different types of pot magnets.

Our regular products:

Pot magnet (NdFeb) with counterbore, nickel chromium nickel coating, body stamping processing.


Cup of neodymium magnets

High temperature Alnico cup magnet for solenoid valves

Neodymium magnet chuck

Pot magnets are poured with epoxy sealant

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