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Application of Permanent Magnet in Various Industries

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The company’s products are mainly used in new energy vehicles and auto parts and other fields, and the downstream application fields are broad, in line with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection advocated by the country, and help the country achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality", and the market demand is growing rapidly. We are the world's leading supplier of magnets in the field of new energy vehicles, which is the focus of the company's development direction. At present, we have entered the supply chain of a number of leading companies in the global automotive industry, and obtained a number of international and domestic automotive customer projects. In 2020, the company sold 5,000 tons of finished magnetic products, an increase of 30.58% compared with the same period last year.

New energy vehicles are one of the main fields of high-performance NdFeb permanent magnet material application. Under the wave of global energy conservation and emission reduction, the active development of all kinds of new energy vehicles has become a global consensus. Many countries have formulated a clear timetable for the withdrawal of fuel vehicles to encourage the positive development of new energy vehicles. As a leading supplier of magnets in the field of new energy vehicles and auto parts, the company will actively build new capacity projects to meet the increasing downstream demand and further consolidate and improve its position in the industry.


Motor magnets are mainly made of permanent magnet materials, generally there are NdFeb motor magnets, SmCo motor magnets, Alnico motor magnets.

NdFeb magnets is divided into two kinds of sintered NdFeb and bonded NdFeb. Motor uses NdFeb magnets commonly. It has the high magnetic properties and can suck up the weight equivalent to 640 times of its own weight. It is called “Magnetic King” because of the excellent magnetic properties. Motor uses tile of NdFeb magnets in the majority.

SmCo magnets is generally only sintered magnets which is characterized by high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, most od the general high temperature motor and aviation products use SmCo magnets.

Alnico magnet used in the motor is less because of its low magnetic properties, but some to high temperature resistance of more than 350°C will use Alnico magnets.


Horn magnetism refers to the magnet used in the horn, referred to as horn magnetism. The horn magnet works by changing the current of electricity into the sound and turning the magnet into an electromagnet. The direction of the current changes constantly, the electromagnet kept moving back and forth because "the current wire in the magnetic field force movement", driving the paper basin also vibrate back and forth. The sound came on.

Horn magnets mainly have ordinary ferrite magnets and NdFeb magnets.

Ordinary ferrite magnets are generally mainly used for low-grade earphones with average sound quality. NdFeb magnets for high-grade earphones, first-class sound quality, good elasticity, good detail performance, good voice performance, sound field positioning accuracy.

NdFeb magnetic horn of main specifications are: φ6*1,φ6*1.5,φ6*5,φ6.5*1.5,φ6.5*φ2*1.5,φ12*1.5,φ12.5*1.2, etc. Specific specification also needs to be decided according to horn.

Home magnetic coating, generally galvanized, but according to the environmental protection and many other requirements, can be plated environmental ZN protection.


Elevator traction machine used sintered NdFeb magnet tile with stable quality and excellent performance, which greatly improves the safety of elevator operation. Main application performance:35SH,38SH,40SH.

Along with the progress of society, high-rise buildings become the mainstream of world urban development, the elevator also become the necessary means of transportation for people every day. Elevator traction machine is the heart of the elevator, its operation is related to the safety of people’s life, as a core component of NdFeb is greatly affected by the performance of elevator running stability and safety. NdFeb produced by Xinfeng Magnet is in line with the “Quality first, safety first, people-oriented” concept, strictly control quality so that each piece of products must be boutique, and lay a solid foundation for people’s travel comfort and safety.


Household appliances (HEA) refers to various electrical and electronic appliances used in homes and similar establishments. Also known as civil appliances, household appliances. Household appliances liberate people from heavy, trivial and time-consuming housework, create a more comfortable and beautiful, more conducive to physical and mental health of the living and working environment for human beings, and provide rich and colorful cultural entertainment conditions, has become the bare necessities of modern family life.

The speaker in the TV, the magnetic suction bar on the refrigerator door, high-end inverter compressor motor, air conditioning compressor motor, fan motor, computer hard disk drive, vacuum cleaner, range hood machine motor, water in the automatic washing machine, drainage valve, toilet induction flusher valve and so on will use magnets. Permanent magnet is used in the automatic temperature control switch in the middle on the bottom of the most common electric rice cooker. This is a special magnet. When the temperature reaches 103℃, it will lose its magnetism, so as to achieve the automatic power off function after the rice is cooked. And the magnetron in the microwave uses a pair of highly magnetic circular permanent magnets.


Information Technology refers to sensing technology, communication technology, computer technology and control technology. Sensing technology is the technology of acquiring information, communication technology is the technology of transmitting information, computer technology is the technology of processing information, and control technology is the technology of using information. Due to the rapid progress of information technology, its application has penetrated into all walks of life, every corner of the society, greatly improved the level of social productivity, and has brought unprecedented convenience and benefits for people's work, study and life.

Main technical features of magnets in information industry:

1.High magnetic properties: 52M, 50M, 50H, 48H, 48SH, 45SH, etc.;

2.High precision machining dimension, small tolerance;

3.Good magnetic moment consistency, small magnetic declination angle;

4.Surface coating adhesion, corrosion resistance.


Magnetic resonance imaging requires a strong, uniform magnetic field, which is generated by magnets. Magnets are the most important and expensive part of MR equipment. At present, there are two kinds of magnets commonly used: permanent magnets and electromagnets, and electromagnets are divided into two types: normal conduction and superconductivity.

After magnetizing, permanent magnet materials can maintain magnetism for a long time, and the magnetic field intensity is stable, so the magnet is easy to maintain and the maintenance cost is the lowest. Permanent magnets for magnetic resonance equipment have Alnico magnet, ferrite magnet and NdFeb magnet, among which NdFeb permanent magnet has the highest BH, can achieve the largest field intensity with less amount (to 0.2t field intensity need 23 tons of Alnico, if using NdFeb only need 4 tons). The disadvantage of permanent magnet as the main magnet is that it is difficult to achieve the field strength of 1T. At present, the field strength is generally below 0.5T and can only be used for low-frequency magnetic resonance equipment.

When the permanent magnet is used as the main magnet, the magnetic resonance device can be designed in a ring or yoke shape, and the device is semi-open, which is a great boon for children or people with claustrophobia.

Main technical features of magnetic steel products in nuclear magnetic resonance field:

1. A series of performance products N54, N52, N50, N48 for selection.

2. It can produce orientation size 20-300mm products.

3. Magnetic field direction and product axial angle can be selected according to demand.

4. Experienced in producing 0.3, 0.45, 0.5, 0.6 nuclear magnetic field.

5. Small bonding gap and high strength.

6. High processing accuracy.


Servo motor refers to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system. It is an indirect variable speed device for auxiliary motors.

The commonly used servo motors are divided into DC and AC servo motors. Their main characteristics are that when the signal voltage is zero, there is no rotation phenomenon, and the speed decreases uniformly with the increase of the torque.

The original definition of serve motor magnet is Alnico alloy, magnet is composed of several hard and strong metals, such as iron and aluminum, nickel, cobalt, etc., sometimes the magnet of serve motor is composed of copper, niobium, tantalum, used to make super hard permanent magnet alloy. Nowadays, the servo motor magnet is changed to NdFeb permanent magnet and SmCo permanent magnet, because NdFeb magnet has the strongest magnetic force, and SmCo magnet has the best working temperature property, it can withstand temperature of 350℃.

The selection of magnet material of servo motor determines the quality of servo motor. Xinfeng Magnet specializes in the production of high-end motor magnet, servo motor is one of the key application markets of our company, the main technical characteristics of servo motor magnet:

1.Coercivity can be selected according to customer’s product requirements, all kinds of high coercivity motor magnets are the company's characteristic products

2. Product temperature coefficient, magnetic attenuation and other technical indicators can be designed and controlled according to customer’s products.

3. It can process arc, tile shape and other special-shaped shapes and specifications.

4. The flux consistency between batches and batches is good and the quality is stable.


Permanent magnet wind driven generator adopts high magnetic performance sintered NdFeb permanent magnet, high enough coercivity can avoid high temperature loss of magnet. The life of the magnet depends on the substrate material and surface anti-corrosion treatment.

Wind driven generator works in a very harsh environment. They must be able to withstand high temperature, cold, wind, sand, humidity and even salt spray. At present, sintered NdFeb permanent magnet is used in both small wind driven generator and megawatt permanent magnet wind driven generator. Therefore, the choice of the magnetic parameter of NdFeb permanent magnet, as well as the requirements of the corrosion resistance of the magnet is very important.

NdFeb permanent magnet is known as the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet, which is the highest magnetic materials so far. The main phase of sintered NdFeb alloy is intermetallic compound Nd2Fe14B, and its saturation magnetic polarization intensity (Js) is 1.6T. Because sintered NdFeb permanent magnet alloy is composed of the main phase Nd2Fe14B and grain boundary phase, and the orientation degree of Nd2Fe14B grain is limited by technological conditions, the Br of the magnet can reach 1.5T. Xinfeng can produce N54 NdFeb magnets, the highest magnetic energy volume up to 55MGOe. The Br of the magnet can be increased by increasing the proportion of main phase, grain orientation and magnetic density. But it does not exceed the theoretical Br of single crystal Nd2Fe14B of 64MGOe.

The design life of wind power driven generator is more than 20 years, that is magnet can be used for more than 20 years, its magnetic property has no obvious attenuation and corrosion.

Main technical characteristics of wind power field products:

1. The stability of the magnet: the service life of the magnet is at least 20 years, the performance attenuation of the magnet is small, the temperature stability is high, and the mechanical impact resistance is strong.

2. Product size: product size tolerance control is small.

3. Product performance: the consistency of magnetic properties between the same batch and different batches of products is better

4. Corrosion resistance: substrate weight loss and corrosion resistance of surface coating is good.

5. Reliability: HCJ, square degree, temperature coefficient comprehensive performance is good, effectively prevent high temperature demagnetization magnet.

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