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A type of magnetic force with strong magnetism

Magnetic types of Super Strong Magnets: In the absence of an external magnetic field, due to the exchange of electrons or other interactions between adjacent atoms in the magnetic domain, their magnetic moments overcome the influence of thermal motion, strong magnets are in a partially cancelled order, resulting in a phenomenon of magnetic moment. When an external magnetic field is applied, its magnetization changes with the external magnetic field similar to that of ferromagnetic materials. Ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism have the same physical nature, but the antiparallel spin magnetic moments in ferromagnets are of different magnitude, so there is a partially offset spontaneous magnetic moment, similar to a ferromagnet. Ferrites are mostly ferromagnets.

Diamagnetism is when the magnetic moments of electrons in the atoms of a substance cancel each other out and the combined magnetic moment is zero. But when the Strong Rare Earth Magnets are subjected to the external magnetic field, the electron orbital motion will change, and produce a small joint magnetic moment in the opposite direction of the external magnetic field. A strong magnet thus represents the magnetic properties of a substance and the susceptibility becomes a very small negative number. Magnetic susceptibility is the ratio of the magnetic moment of a substance under an external magnetic field (known as magnetization) to the strength of the magnetic field, with the symbol κ. The susceptibility of general antimagnetic substances is about minus one part per million (-10-6).

The magnetic susceptibility of paramagnetism is positive, 1 ~ 3 magnitude larger than diamagnetism, X is about 10-5 ~ 10-3, abiding by Curie’s law or Curie-Weiss’s law. When there are ions, atoms or molecules without electron pairs in a Strong Permanent Magnet, there are spin angular momentum and orbital angular momentum of electrons, so there are spin magnetic moments and orbital magnetic moments. Under the external magnetic field, the original disordered magnetic moment will be oriented, thus showing paramagnetism.


Strong Ring Magnets

Post time: Dec-12-2022