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Analysis of demagnetization of a permanent magnet in magnetic pump

How to prevent demagnetization of a permanent magnet in magnetic pump, then we should first analyze the reasons why magnets demagnetization, which can be roughly divided into the following situations: 

1. The use temperature is unreasonable.

2. Long time low head operation.

3. Pipes are improperly matched.

4. Sliding bearing wear is not replaced in time.

5. Magnetic pump runs idling.

6. Pump inlet and outlet pipes are blocked.

7. The rotor parts are jammed abnormally.

8. Cavitation phenomenon.


From the above reasons, we can see that temperature is the main reason affecting the demagnetization of magnets.

It can be seen from the demagnetization curve of magnets:

When the temperature exceeds 150℃, ordinary Neodymiun Magnets will enter irreversible torsion loss;

When the temperature exceeds 250℃, the magnets of common SmCo material magnets will enter irreversible torsional loss.

When the temperature exceeds 350℃, the High Quality SmCo Magnet will enter irreversible torsional loss.

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Post time: Jul-14-2022