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Application of NdFeb magnet in loudspeaker

Neodymium Magnet, also known as NdFeb Neodymium magnet , is a tetragonal crystal system formed by neodymium, iron and boron. This magnet had more magnetic energy than SmCo Permanent Magnets, the largest magnet in the world at the time. Later, the successful development of powder metallurgy, General Motors successfully developed rotary jet smelting method, can produce NdFeb magnets. This kind of magnet is now second only to the absolute zero holmium permanent magnet, is also the rare earth magnets that commonly used. NdFeb magnets are widely used in electronic products such as hard drives, mobile phones, earphones and battery-powered tools. 

NdFeb magnet, also known as rare earth permanent magnet material, is a kind of Magnetic Materials made and sintered from praseodymium neodymium as the main raw material.

The application of NdFeb magnet in loudspeaker: because its main component is neodymium and the alloying element of iron (fe-co), so it is called NdFeb. It is a kind of permanent magnet with excellent performance, which is widely used in the electronics industry, machinery manufacturing and instrumentation.

NdFeb has the characteristics of high remanence, high coercivity and high magnetic field strength. It can maintain magnetism for a long time at high temperature without oxygen. Good thermal stability; It has good chemical stability and high corrosion resistance. Its big feature is that it can be filled with a large volume of magnets (up to more than 100kg), and the demagnetic field is very small (negligible). Therefore, it has a wide application prospect in the field of high magnetic field. 

At present, the domestic products mainly include: hf50~70mm specification series, hf80~120mm specification series and smd series three types of products. The price of the products is generally more than RMB 20,000 per kilogram to RMB 40,000. 

Because the product is widely used and the dosage is large, consumption amounts to hundreds of thousands of tons every year. However, only a few countries in the world can produce this new functional Material with high-tech content and High added value, “High Quality Magnetic Material“.

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Post time: Dec-17-2022