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Influence of main parameters of magnets on motor performance of NdFeb motor

NdFeb magnet is more and more widely used in all kinds of motor. Today, we will talk about the role and influence of various parameters of NdFeb on motor design.

1.Influence of remanent BR in NdFeb Magnets on motor performance: the higher the remanent BR value of Ndfeb magnets, the higher the magnetic density of the magnet air gap, and the higher the torque and efficiency points of the motor.

2.Neodymium Permanent Magnets Influence of intrinsic coercivity hcj on motor performance: Intrinsic coercivity is a parameter indicating a magnet’s resistance to high temperature demagnetization. The higher the value is, the stronger the temperature resistance strength of the motor is and the stronger the ability to resist overload is.

3.Influence of magnetic energy product BH in NdFeb Permanent Magnets on motor performance: Magnetic energy product is the large magnetic energy provided by a magnet, the higher the value, the fewer Magnets were used for the same power.

4.Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets Influence of high operating temperature on motor; The high working temperature indicates the demagnetization temperature of the magnet, so the working temperature of the motor should not be higher than the high working temperature of the magnet. Curie temperature Tc is the temperature point at which the magnetism of a magnet disappears.

5.In addition, the shape of NdFeb magnet also has a great impact on the performance of the motor. The thickness, width, chamfering and other dimensional tolerances of permanent magnet can also affect the performance of the magnet, as well as the installation accuracy of the motor.


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Post time: Nov-18-2022