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Surface electroplating technology of permanent magnet

NdFeb permanent magnets raw material is a very strong nickel-based superalloy, very easy to appear corrosion. Therefore, appropriate preparation and plating should be carefully selected when surface treatment is carried out. Before calcination, the NdFeb permanent magnet raw materials need to be processed by fillet, deoiling, pickling passivation, ultrasonic cleaning and other processes to get a smooth clean appearance, so as to get a coating with excellent integration, low porosity and long-term corrosion resistance.

Neodymium Electromagnet surface spraying process is what?

NdFeb magnets are mainly composed of neodymium and iron, which are very easy to rust. Therefore, the NdFeb magnet must carry out surface cover solution. Organic chemical passivation is one of the better solutions at present stage.

NdFeb magnet has strong magnetic energy and correction force, high energy ratio, high cost performance, good physical performance; The main disadvantages are low magnetic change point, poor temperature characteristics and easy delamination erosion. By adjusting its composition and selecting surface treatment methods, it can be enhanced to meet the requirements of practical application.

When cleaning scale with NdFeb Magnets, the water was magnetized through Countersunk Rare Earth Magnets. The starting Angle and length of the water bond were deformed at the same time, reducing the covalent bond Angle from 105 to 103 degrees, resulting in a series of firing physical properties. So that the burn level is further increased. The calcium bicarbonate in the water produces horizontal splitting under the condition of steaming, forming low and strong calcium carbonate, which does not easily deposit on the wall and is very easy to be carried away.

The other is that the glass transition temperature increases, turning molten liquid raw materials into finer particles. After particle optimization, the spacing between the two positive ions is smaller, which is not easy to solidize on the inner wall, and then achieve the actual effect of scale cleaning.

When selecting radial magnets, we should not only understand the defensive nature of the processing technology and the application of production and manufacturing, but also pay attention to the environmental harm and impact level of the exhaust gas emitted by the electroplating process.


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Post time: Sep-17-2022