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The characteristics and performance of NdFeb magnets

Neodymium Super Magnets are tefoursquare crystals formed from Neodymium, iron and boron (Nd2Fe14B). The magnetic energy product (BHmax) of the magnet is greater than that of the samarium cobalt magnet. NdFeb magnets are widely used in electronic products such as hard disks, mobile phones, headphones and battery-powered tools.

When a magnet is inserted into an iron core inside a solenoid, the iron core is magnetized by the magnetic field of the solenoid. The magnetized iron core has also become a magnetic field, so that the magnet magnet in the two magnetic fields between each other, and then make the magnetic induction line greatly promoted. In order to make the magnet stronger, the iron core is shaped like a shoe. But pay attention to the hoof iron core on the electromagnetic coil around the reverse direction, one side clockwise, the other side must be reverse direction. If the winding is similar, the magnetization of the two electromagnetic coils to the core will cancel each other, so that the core is not magnetic. In addition, the core of the magnet is made of soft iron, not steel. Otherwise, once the steel is magnetized, the long-term persistence of magnetic and can not be demagnetized, the height of its magnetic power can not use the size of the flow to power, and the loss of magnet should have the advantage.

Super Strong Neodymium Magnet is a component that is most likely to be magnetic due to current flux. It is a non-eternal Magnet and is likely to be easily run or removed. For example: medium and large lifting equipment using magnets will abandon the car out. 

The Rare Earth Permanent Magnet is also related to the resulting magnetic field and current size, the number of lines and circles, and the ferromagnetic material in the management center. In the design of the magnet, great attention will be paid to the spread of the electromagnetic coil and the choice of ferromagnetic material, and the current size is used to control the magnetic field. Since the material of the coil contains resistors, this extent of the magnetic field can be created by the magnet, but with the invention and use of superconductors, there will be a chance to exceed this extent.


Post time: Aug-06-2022