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Whether the production technology is advanced or not directly determines the performance and quality of the magnet

Sintered NdFeb permanent magnets, as one of the important substances to promote contemporary technology and social progress, is widely used in the following fields: Motor industry, computer hard disk, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, electric vehicles, wind power generation, industrial permanent magnet motor, consumer electronics (CD, DVD, mobile phone, audio, photocopier, scanner, camera, refrigerator, TV, air conditioner, etc.) and magnetic machinery, magnetic levitation technology, magnetic transmission and other industries. With the expansion of the market, magnet manufacturers are also increasing, but the quality and price of the whole magnet industry is not uniform, so many customers will inevitably fall into the confusion of how to choose high-quality suppliers.

Xinfeng company is based on customer drawing requirements and the actual use of the environment, according to the enterprise manufacturing high-grade or middle-grade or low-grade sintered NdFeb magnets process technology, in accordance with the provisions of the national standard of raw materials to buy high-quality raw materials.

Whether the production technology is advanced or not directly determines if the factory can produce the high performance magnets. At present, the advanced technology is scale ingot (SC) technology, hydrogen crushing (HD) technology and air mill (JM) technology. Small capacity vacuum induction smelting furnaces (10kg, 25kg, 50kg) have been replaced by large capacity vacuum induction furnaces (100kg, 200kg, 600kg, 800kg). SC speed-casting technology has gradually replaced the large ingot (the thickness of the cooling direction is greater than 20-40mm), hydrogen crushing (HD) technology and air mill (JM) have replaced the jaw crusher, disc mill, ball mill (wet milling), to ensure the powder uniformity, and is beneficial to liquid phase sintering and grain refinement.

Xinfeng also has a precision CNC machining center and product technology research and development center, which can process various specifications of nickel plating, zinc plating, copper plating, epoxy, phosphating, nickel copper nickel products according to customer needs. The company in high corrosion resistance, low temperature coefficient, high coercivity and other products have a set of industry-leading production and processing technology.

Post time: Jun-18-2022